Born in 1987, Caleb Clark grew up in the rural Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. While attending high school he traveled to Florence, Italy on two occasions to study printmaking at IL Bisonte International School of Graphic Arts. 

Upon graduating high school Caleb moved to Asheville, NC to attend The Fine Arts League of the Carolinas. Over the next four years he immersed himself in studying the craft and techniques of the European Renaissance artists, eventually apprenticing under the school’s founder, renowned classical realist Benjamin F. Long IV. 

Under Benjamin Long’s mentorship Caleb further developed his skills in traditional drawing and painting as well as the art of Fresco. Caleb has since assisted Benjamin Long on his large scale frescoes throughout the Carolinas in addition to teaching portrait drawing in Long’s studio. 

Caleb’s work combines his study of Renaissance artwork with his reverence for nature along with a contemporary sensibility. He continues to live in Asheville, working and teaching in his River Arts District studio.